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 ***Important Notice:
The Up/down switches SW-030 and SW-032 are  consumable parts.
These switches still function effectively, but we strongly recommend upgrading to our newest heavy duty switch SW-200 after 3,000 time uses or you have experienced an unexpected intermittent operation.
The SW-200 is suitable for all units and lasts up to 100,000 times.
The SW-200 is now on a special offer for replacements  from $49.95 to $39.95.
Summer Special - Sale on our Horizontal windlass series. 

This month's special is on our 800H and 710H models. 

All models come with the NEW heavy duty 200A up/down switch (SW-200) included. 

The 800H model comes standard with stainless-steel gypsy.

The metal gearbox, heavy duty DC motor and base have been designed into one with no separate parts for a strong structure and easier installation

They been developed with up-to-date technology ensuring greater motor capacity and increased endurance with an in-built stainless steel torque limiter and electric brake.
Take this opportunity while you can for a versatile series in our range!

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Please check in every month to see if any model you are interested in is on sale.